5 Ways to Deal With a Younger Boss

  • Treat Them Like the Boss. Because They Are.

    Like many things in life, once youve accepted it, it gets easier. Your boss is probably the boss because she is qualified and has impressed superiors. It will behoove you to respect her and the competence she brings to the table. How can you genuinely help your boss and your company? Trash talking, rumor spreading or overtones about her age will not only make for an unpleasant work environment, it will get you nowhere. Except maybe fired.

  • Resist the Urge to Parent

    Mentoring is one thing. Be the sage that you are. Your boss will likely respect you and enjoy having an experienced sounding board. However, dont be patronizing or condescending. Avoid using phrases like Your generation or When I was your age. And try not to reference The Brady Bunch when standing around the water cooler. It was a great show, but it will only make you seem out of touch.

  • Learn New Tricks

    One of the biggest dividers between baby boomers and subsequent generations seems to be technology. Where you are used to face-to-face contact, your boss may be more of a shoot-me-an-email kind of gal. Oh, and hey, did you know that younger generations rarely leave voicemails? They assume missed call means call me back. Point is, learn the tricks of the trade. Brush up your instant message skills. Maybe take a course that will improve your computer proficiency and knowledge. This will bring you up-to-speed quickly and what boss isnt impressed by initiative?

  • Dont Undersell Yourself

    You have your job for a reason. Let your boss know your previous accomplishments and areas of expertise. If done in a tactful way, your boss will probably give you work pertaining to your particular skills, which is good for you, for the boss and for everyone.