Five Dream Jobs for Women Over 40

Whoever said there is one job you should have for the rest of your life? Even as we age, we are constantly evolving, creating new hopes and dreams in the process. If your current job is no longer fulfilling your needs, you may have outgrown it and now require more room to spread your wings. ThirdAge has put together a list of the top five careers for women in their forties based on income, room to expand and flexibility.

Administrator (Education)

This field includes many positions at all school levels including principal or assistant principal, dean of students or student services director. A background in education combined with managerial savvy is perfect for these roles. You may want to think about which age group you work best with, whether your skills are better suited for elementary school children or college students. According to, due to No Child Left Behind, many under-performing, or Title 1 schools, are required to overhaul their current staffing, leaving many administrative positions vacant. This could be perfect timing for you to nab a top education job. Requirements: Sometimes a master's degree is required. If not, you will need teaching or related experience. Annual Earnings: Average between $68,360 and $102,830

Farmer (Niche Market)A green thumb and a love of the outdoors is what drive people to the agricultural industry. In this industry, it is possible to be your own boss and spend your days turning your greatest hobby into a lucrative business because believe it or not, business is booming. According to the Department of Agriculture, the number of small farms in the US has been increasing by two percent each year. The Christian Science Monitor also reports that Community Supported Agriculture farms nationwide have more than doubled from 1,000 in 1999 to over 2,000 in 2004. Requirements: A love for growing is all you need. Annual Earnings: Average between $26,800 to $76,230Program Director (Community Service)Passionate about giving back to the community? This position not only puts you in a managerial role, it places you at the epicenter or a growing field that is expected to almost double in size by 2016, according to More Magazine. If you are a natural leader and your organizational skills are matched only by your compassion, this may be your next big move. Requirements: Includes a BA and any volunteer work would be icing on the cake. Annual Earnings: Average between $42,110 and $73,470Accounting (Every industry)Did you know that accounting is arguably one of the more flexible jobs someone can have? Many accountants have the freedom to work freelance or part-time due to their demand across industries. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that approximately 8% of US accountants work for themselves. The accounting field is also reportedly due for a surge as it is estimated to increase 22% over the next eight years. Requirements: BS in accounting along with successful completion of CPA exam for certification. Annual Earnings: Average between $45,900 to $78,210
Crisis Manager (Public Relations)Have a way with words and are good at smoothing out sticky situations? Top corporations arm themselves to the teeth with people like you who can maintain an image while addressing public concerns. This is a high pressure role that requires someone who can think on their feet and is willing to marry themselves to the job. Requirements: BS is public relations or equivalent experience. Annual Earnings: Average between $38,400 to $71,670Venturing into a new field is often scary, especially if further education is needed. Don't let fear settle you into a thankless job and prevent you from knowing your true potential. Remember that many women have taken the plunge and come out happier, successful and thankful they believed in themselves.
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