Job Training Important for Boomers Who Continue to Work

Job training is a necessary evil. While few people like to take time away from doing their jobs, sometimes, you simply need to learn new skills or brush up on your techniques.

For baby boomers, this has never been more true. Age discrimination is a part of society, and in corporate offices, a daily occurence. We even see commercials on television making light of the fact that it happens.

The trouble of course is that it simply isn't funny.

For baby boomers who are still working, it can be difficult to compete with young guns straight out of college. This is more true when you consider that the employer's cost of benefits for a young single worker is much less than to support someone in their fifties.

So how can you defeat agism in the workplace? Simply by staying on top of your game. In addition to building your career, skillset and confidence - increased job training simply makes you more successful.

"Make yourself as valuable as you can to your employer. Make yourself a superstar, overachieving," said Kim Cornett, spokeswoman of WorkForce Central Florida, the state-sponsored one-stop employment center for Orlando. "Ask to be cross-trained in other skills, to become more valuable. Now also is a great time to go back to school ... to continue to upgrade your skills or learn new skills, and to show that you're investing in yourself."

People may have misconceptions about what older workers are capable of doing, but don't let those misconceptions win out. Prove you value and increase your on the job training and experience.

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