Why Am I Not Getting Any Job Interviews?

By Abby M. Locke

Whenever a potential client asks me that question, I immediately want to know two things: what does your executive resume look like and how are you conducting your job search.

It never fails - either the candidate has committed all the resume "taboos" or he/she is feverishly marketing an excellent resume through all the wrong channels.

So how do you know where you are going wrong? Take a close look at these resume development and job search strategy techniques - if you are committing any of the crimes, we need to talk - soon, very, very soon!

  1. Resume is too short - unless you are marketing a networking resume or career biography to recruiters or hiring managers for a general overview, don't expect that you can effectively sell 15-plus years of experience, achievements, and leadership qualifications onto one measly page.
  2. Resume is too long - okay, I know I said it should not be too short, but I don't want you to create a career obituary. By the time, I get to the third and fourth page, you have lost me. Remember, your executive resume should be a strategic marketing document - sell me on the key highlights and leave the rest out. See good resume examples.
  3. Resume has too much fluff - how many executives are calling themselves great problem solvers, articulate communicators, team players, and my favorite "I get the job done." Employers want value not fluff - tell them what your unique value proposition is at top of her resume. See good resume examples.
  4. Last but not least - if you are only conducting your job search online through resume postings, responding to advertised positions, or using resume distribution services - you will be job searching for a long, long time. Be proactive - network in person and through social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn, approach companies directly, cold call, get referrals, just get up from your computer and go after your ideal job.

About the author:

Abby M. Locke is a career marketing architect, brand leadership coach, master resume write and the founder of the Beyond Glass Ceilings. She works with professional women to help them overcome job search obstacles and achieve career mastery in highly competitive, crowded marketplaces.

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