How to Create a WorkLife Balance

  • Create a Plan for Work

    Especially at the beginning, when you're just starting your business, there are a million things to do and it can get overwhelming. Create an overall plan for where you are and where you're going. Once you've got that overall plan, start grouping your goals and tasks into manageable pieces, then plan what needs to get done each day.

  • Outsource

    Today, the thriving virtual assisting field makes it easier than ever to find someone to take on tasks that you don't like, aren't particularly good at, or just simply don't need to do. Since outsourcing frees up your time, you can concentrate on revenue-generating activities, or you can spend more time with your family.

  • Create a Plan for Play

    For some entrepreneurs, it's useful to structure "play time" just as you structure your work time. Setting aside play time cuts down on the guilt workaholics feel with they take time off, and it also keeps you from wavering in down time, looking for something to do. Just be careful that you don't treat your fun time like something you're checking off of your "to do" list. Play time should be fun!

  • Eat Well and Exercise

    Another thing that you can't overestimate is the value of exercise and staying healthy. If you're eating badly, it'll affect your brain and that means low creativity. As an entrepreneur, your creativity is one of your most powerful allies. Eating healthy and staying fit means you'll have more energy to devote to your business.